1942 Mack Restoration Project:


The Wires & Fires group has begun another restoration project – this time a 1942 Mack Model LS-80 pumper.

This vehicle, and an identical mate, were built in the Spring of 1942, just after the attack on Pearl Harbor, and both were delivered to the Bethlehem Steel shipyard in Hingham, Mass in July, 1942. Typical “wartime “ apparatus, they had very little chrome, with even the signature radiator shell being painted. After the war the trucks were turned over to local communities, with one going to the Boston Fire Dept., and the other a little further west to Paxton, Mass . Ultimately that unit ended up with a private owner in Worcester. After sitting in a lean-to for 12 years , it was acquired by Wires & Fires in 2008. They had the fuel pump and the carburetor re-built, changed the oil, and started it up!! The truck was run in parades and to shows for 3 years! Now it will get the full restoration this classic piece of fire-fighting deserves.

Click on the links below to see the progress of the restoration.

Phase 1   Phase 2   Phase 3   Phase 4   Phase 5